The mandate and core functions include: –

  • To manage the procurement of Common User Items (CUIs) for all Procuring Entities of the National Government;
  • To prepare and manage Framework Contracts & Agreements (FWC&A) for Common User Items (CUIs), whereby suppliers commit to provide indefinite amounts but actual contracts will only exist after “call-offs” by the procuring entities;
  • Operate a virtual Government Supermarket where suppliers will be provided with space to merchandise a variety of Common User Items (CUIs) in the existing warehouses, available for requisition by procuring entities online;
  • To provide procurement agency services to public entities with the National Government;
  • Identification and classification of Common User Items (CUIs), in consultation with the National Treasury [NT] and Office of the President [OP];
  • Establishment of a coding system for the common user items used by Public Entities for the National Government;
  • Ensure that the agreements and contracts provide adequate quality supplies and services at competitive prices;
  • Manage warehousing and storage facilities, including leasing the facilities on behalf of Government
  • Maintain and publish register and database of suppliers of common user items (CUIs);
  • Manage an electronic infrastructure of common user items and build the capacity of suppliers;
  • Procurement and disposal services on behalf of MDAs;
  • To advise on consortium buying in National Government;
  • Source and manage the supply of Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants (P.O.L.) for Government;
  • Administer Inventory management and stock control systems;
  • Develop, promote and support the training of staff of the Organization;
  • Undertake capacity building of the Supplier base in liaison with other stakeholders;
  • Prudent management of resources at the disposal of the Organization; and
  • Any other functions as may be advised through a gazette notice by the Cabinet Secretary.