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What we do

With the detailed mandate of the Supplies Branch contained elsewhere in this website, this dynamic document serves as our primary marketing tool, letting you know where and how to find us, areas of engagement and of course our primary outputs.

Our common user items come in two forms, firstly the items bought on behalf of MDAs by Supplies Branch and secondly the other items and services whose range we are currently subjecting to review in light of technological innovations and related changes in the market and workplace.

For the items bought through agency of Supplies Branch, MDAs require to obtain proforma invoices from Supplies Branch, upload payment to Supplies Branch which in turn takes delivery of the items from suppliers upon proof of payment by the MDA. Supplies Branch will inspect and receive the goods and invite the MDA to take possession of the same. Deliveries may also be directed to the MDA if they don’t require temporary storage.

In the second category an MDA may obtain the contract from Supplies Branch, or now simply download from our website, use the contract number on their operating ICT platform to place an order with the contracted suppliers, receive goods and process payments.

Simple as the end product appears, there are many underpinning activities and new developments that constantly require Supplies Branch to engage with suppliers and MDAs and it is our commitment to conduct frequent stake holder engagements as well as utilize this website to the fullest in meeting our customers’ needs and keeping our citizens fully informed.

Going forward we are committed to reactivating our seven other regional branches and four sub-depots across the country in a model that will also ensure the availability of suppliers and goods and services with prices reflecting local specificities. Within FY 2019/20 three regional branches will be activated.

We invite you to visit our site our offices for further engagement, committed, quality, cost effective and value laden services.